Water Resources Department
Advanced Center for Integrated Water Resources Management

About Karnataka Water Resources Information System (KWRIS)

The State is developing the Karnataka Water Resource Information System(KWRIS) with a draft strategy and plan for its on-going development and implementation.

KWRIS hydro-met, groundwater and water quality data content, monitoring and data capture networks are being improved with assistance from the ADB, World Bank and other partners.

The KWRIS will be used to support most of the ACIWRM activities described below. In particular, it will lead to a spatially based Inventory of River Basins in Karnataka; River basin and sub-basin plans; water policy studies; monitoring and reportingof water resource condition; and, research and investigations.

The KWRIS will comprise a spatial system bringing together quantity-quality-condition aspects of surface water, groundwater and water dependent ecosystems. A decisionsupport system with GIS and integrated river basin modelling approaches is in preparationand it will be used for IWRM activities is to form part of the system. An expertmodelling group is being established to support activities.

A decision support system comprising a GIS based information system and integrated river basin modelling approach will be developed and used for river basin planning.Training and capacity building will be provided to engineers for using the same The data, information and knowledge to support planning and implementation of IntegratedWater Resources Management (IWRM) in Karnataka resides in various disciplines and agencies including climatology, meteorology, hydrology, ecology, environmental science,agro-science, water resources engineering, systems analysis, remote sensing, socio-economics,law, and public policy.

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